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                                                                                                  VOL.XXIII No.3
                                                                                                  ISSUE NO.96

                                             From the Editor:
             CBCK Newsletter is
             published quarterly                     The Life of Our Faithful Catholic Ancestors
             by the General Secretariate of
             the Catholic Bishops’
             Conference of Korea                In spite of the relatively short history of the Catholic Church in Korea, there are many
                                             martyrs. The Korean faithful are immensely proud of both their ancestors in faith and
             Mailing Address:                their martyrs. In a way, it was inevitable that our ancestors in faith would be accused as
             74, Myeonmok-ro,                agents of western powers. The so-called nationalists argued that Korean Catholics aban-
             Gwangjin-gu,                    doned their traditional customs, which had been passed down for generations, in order to
             Seoul, 04918, Korea             practice the Christian faith. What did Catholics benefit from such commitment? In a
             Tel : +82-2-460-7500            worldly sense, they did not gain anything. Rather, they lost everything including their
                                             fame, wealth, family, and even their lives. This being the case, we cannot but wonder
             Fax : +82-2-460-7505            what on earth they actually gained. Ultimately, they were able to walk the path of true life
              with the faith they had found, even to the point of sacrificing their lives.
                                                As the society of Joseon was moving into a period of turmoil, existing values, which
             Publisher:                      had supported conventions and traditions, were gradually giving way. Because of this
             Most Rev. Hyginus Kim Hee-joong  phenomenon, the hearts of many were filled with a longing to find new values and new
             Editor:                         spiritual leadership. In this situation, our ancestors in faith came up with the following
             Rev. Thomas Aquinas Kim Joon Chul  questions:  What is an authentic life? and  How can I become a true human being?
                                             While striving to find answers to those questions, they eventually unearthed them within
                                             Christianity. Although they gave up more than what they could be and were deprived of,
                                             they willingly pursued the true life which they had found.

                     CONTENTS                   These days the Korean faithful should also be engaged in the pursuit of such an
                                             authentic life. When our devout ancestors learned of the Gospel for the first time, it was
             2 _ 2016 Autumn General Assem-  the ideas of respect for human beings and human equality that fascinated them most. It
                bly of the CBCK              was those remarkable Gospel messages which made it possible for Christian faith to pre-

             3_ Message for the 49th Military  vail throughout the country within such a short period of time.
                Mission Sunday (Summary)
                                                Although the spirit of the Gospel has been lived more than two hundred years, our
             4_ Statement of the Catholic    contemporary society is falling into a spiral of confusion. Many values in secular society
                Church in Korea on the       are estranged from the ones upheld by the Church and some even contradict the Gospel.
                Deployment of THAAD on the   We can find symptoms of present day contempt for life in our society: increasing rate of
                Korean Peninsula             homicide, suicide, abortion; the prevalence of human cloning and genetic manipulation;
                                             destruction of the environment, and materialism.
             5_ Message for the 21st Farmers’
                Sunday (Summary)
                                                In times past, our ancestors in faith relinquished false values, and did not hesitate to
             6 _ Message for the 2016 Day of  sacrifice even their own lives to protect true life and human dignity. All the Korean faith-
                Prayer for the Reconciliation  ful, as descendents of great ancestors in faith, should exert themselves to revive the value
                and Unity of the Korean Peo-  of respect for the dignity of human person. When we recognize the true value of human
                ple (Summary)
                                             beings, and spread that noble value throughout both our own society and the world, many
             7_ Message for the Month of     of the problems facing us today will, step by step, be resolved in peaceful manner.
                Mission 2016 (Summary)
                                                                                       Fr. Thomas Aquinas Kim Joon Chul
             8 _ The Lives of 124                                                       Executive Secretary of the CBCK
                Blessed Martyrs of Korea
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